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    Informing the future

    your partner for steel and metal welding

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    Informing the future

    your partner for steel and metal welding

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    Informing the future

    your partner for steel and metal welding



Prenso Metal was founded in February 1992 by initiative of another company, CWB Presses Inc., which acquired the full range of packaging products.

In the year 1993, Prenso-Metal was producing 14 million metal unions for the packing industry. In the same year the first contracts had been formed to become the supplier of the automobile industry supplying pressings.
The company was centring its Core business in the production of parts for the automobile industry, using the most adequate technological innovations.

98% of the Prenso Metal products serve the automotive industry from design to finished products and assemblies, everything is done in the company and by their highly qualified personnel.

The qualification and motivation of Prenso Metal’s employees, has led the company to its great observable success today.

In 1996, Prenso-Metal took the decision, taking the necessary investment in fine blanking technology, being pioneered in Portugal. This was the first step to reach the production of assemblies with high productive complexity.

IATF 16949:2016

Following the market need to reach high quality targets, the company passes to be certified ISO 9001 in 1997, having updated its Quality Management System to ISO/TC16949 and now to IATF 16949.

Pursuing its strategy, diversifying its production means, Prenso-Metal acquires welding integrated Robots in 2001. The production volume in this area kept on growing, reaching 8 million parts / year.
This is one of the most important areas of the company.

In one engineering project of joint development with its customer, Prenso-Metal created an innovative product for the suspension systems.
In 2004 the transformation of plate formats in products with revolution geometry began through Roll-Forming for coils.

In 2017 Prenso Metal added Melcylix, the company that built most of the tools and spare-parts used by the company.

In 2018, decided to present its environmental concerns, obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

Recently, Prenso Metal has been dedicated to perfecting the in-die insertion system (insertion of bushings inside the tool), having already had several projects with this system.

Currently, Prenso-Metal is one of the market leaders in the of fine blanking and Rollforming technologies.

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